Simon Community (Northern Ireland): A secure system fit for our needs now and in the future

Simon Community NI is Northern Ireland’s leading homeless charity and they needed a new case management system that teams could adapt to and use easily, as well as giving their data a secure place to be stored and reported on.  


Kelan McClelland Head of Housing Solutions, and Stefan Fraser, IT Manager, tell us their experience with In-Form.  


Replacing their existing system 

“Simon Community NI’s mission is to end homelessness and as part of this, offer specialist support services in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland including homelessness prevention, accommodation services, health, well-being and practice development and young people's support services.  


“We wanted a CRM system that is cloud based, “future proof”, and built on a platform that is secure. 

“In addition, we needed a system that could be adapted and changed and grow as our organisation changes and grows.” 


Choosing In-Form 

“We chose In-Form for a number of reasons.  


“Because it is a cloud-based system, accessible on multiple devices e.g. mobile, and is built on the Salesforce platform, which means it’s stable and secure. 


“Also, In-Form is an intuitive system to use that can easily be adapted and customised, and has plenty of built in features, such as the ability to track outcomes through use of the Outcome Star. 


“Plus, we have the knowledge there’s a very good technical support team available.” 



“We had regular meetings and communication

with our appointed In-Form Lead Consultant which was a valuable part of the service.


“Through this relationship all parties have been informed of implementation progress and been able to resolve issues quickly.” 


Teams respond well to the new system 

“Overall staff have responded well to the new system, although there is naturally a ‘getting used to it’ period as the system is embedded.  


“Staff have found it very intuitive and easy to navigate, and like that the system can be changed and adapted when it’s needed. 


“The support from the helpdesk is great and has been noted by staff.  


“Staff say a huge positive is the ability for the system to generate lots of varied reports." 


Easy to obtain holistic view of clients and projects 

“As there is so much relevant data being captured, and it’s easy to create new reports, the system allows us to get an in depth and at the same time a broad overview of our client base

and demographics. 


“The system and system reporting makes it much easier for managers to do quality control of the client data being captured and day to day management. Plus, we can have multiple tabs open and being able to work on more than one task at a time.” 


One centralised location 

“Having all our services on one consolidated system has been a huge impact. All our services now use one CRM system and there is a more consistent approach in how we collect and manage information. 

“Being able to customise the system allowed us to change our processes and create a more client centred approach to how we work.” 

Less admin time 

“The system allows staff to spend more quality time with the clients and less time in front of a computer. The utilisation of the mobile app on a tablet has really helped staff engage better with clients.” 


A system that can grow 

“The analytic functionality will provide an evidence base for operational trends which will feed into practice improvement and development.  

“With In-Form we have consistent and comprehensive information about client demographics across a wide range of service which we can more easily interrogate. This will allow us to better tailor our services to meet client needs. 


“We are in a constantly evolving sector and the flexibility within the system means we will be able to respond to changes.” 

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