Trident Reach: switching to efficient live reporting that helps us over-deliver

In-Form has helped Trident Reach to transform the way the collect, hold, and report data, that has resulted in them exceeding their targets.

Trident Reach offer services to over 5,000 people in the Midlands, so data input and processing customer information was a big challenge. They needed a trusted and secure client relationship management (CRM) system for a centralised digital solution accessible to all employees on the go at any given time. 


All of the processes being used were manual with paperwork and hard copies, leaving long paper trails and making storage difficult. It also meant that locating client data was an issue and having a full

360 view of clients at any given time proved difficult. Every piece of evidence was written and then typed, meaning staff were duplicating work.

This process was also an obvious risk for data protection, and as a care and support charity they also were risking sensitive data.


Gary Clarke, Service Lead, Trident Reach tells us how Trident Reach wanted a CRM system they could be customised to fit their organisation's needs, to stop them having to do reports with manual data, which was allowing room for human error.


"We now have a dashboard that has all the KPIs for every quarter. We click a button, and all the dashboards run. It's a time-saver, In-Form has transformed the way we work.


"We didn't always have the best data to give the best support to our clients. Now we have devices for our staff, so when they are out in the community, they have access to all the customer information at their fingertips."


Easily accessible information

Gary tells us how Trident Reach needed information to be readily available for staff, they needed a better way to report data for funders and commissioners, and they wanted to be able to manage staff time and resources better.


“In-Form saves staff time, and staff aren't now duplicating their work. The number of customers we see and the amount of time we spend with them has increased.

"The quality of work has improved because it is in a set format that means staff now have to follow the process and give us the elements that we need.


"We can provide information quickly, that's accurate and live, and we've now started talking to our partners to see how we can work together and find out how In-Form can help them. We've got the evidence to show them now. We're over-delivering on what's expected, and we're able to do that because of the reports and the amount of information we can get from the system itself."



Designing a tailored system
Gary tells us how In-Form transformed Trident Reach by giving them a digital process that improved both client and staff relationships across the board, saving staff time and resources whilst enhancing communication across the organisation at all levels.


"Working with the team at Homeless Link, they put themselves in your shoes and helped us to get the most out of In-Form. Duplications and reduced and almost eradicated. Reports are easy to create, and being able to access them on the go is a huge help. I now have the ability to manage my team better and identify training if needed. I am very pleased with In-Form, and without it, we would not have been able to survive and help our community survive through Covid-19.


"The development of the system exceeded expectations, communication with In-Form was great, and changes were made to our system fast."


Next Steps  

Trident Reach will train 26 training champions to be their In-Form ‘gurus’, helping colleagues to get the best out of the system. 

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