What is In-Form?

In-Form is designed with client relationships at its heart.

We've been supporting homeless and housing services since 1999, so we understand the way you work and we’ll work with you to deliver the case management solution that will work best for your service. However many people you work with, you can support them better with In-Form.

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The benefits:

Increased efficiency:
Better support the people you work with, and track outcomes quickly and effectively.





Track individual outcomes:
In-Form comes with the Outcomes Stars built-in as standard. Record your clients’ needs and goals, and track their progress as you go.





Measure impact:
Easily create and share reports and dashboards securely across your organisation, identifying successes and any improvements needed. You’ll be able to evidence your work on demand.



Manage your service:
All your information is in one place, saving time with clients and removing the frustration of having to repeat their story, freeing up staff time to better support them.



Secure and compliant platform:
Built on the Salesforce platform you can trust your data is safe. You can adjust permission settings and set restrictions where needed to meet GDPR requirements.




Easy to use reporting:
One click reporting and dashboards showing real time data.

Built on the Salesforce platform and hosted in the cloud, you can access In-Form safely on the go from any device.




Fully customise your solution, so the system reflects the processes your staff are familiar with.






Productivity platform:
Integrate additional apps directly into your
In-Form solution, such as texting and e-signatures.





Communicate with colleagues:
Use our Chatter function (internal communications tool) to communicate with staff. Notifications are received straight to your inbox and phone.




Lifetime support:
Our help desk will support you, saving staff time and budget.






Use In-Form on the go from anywhere on desktop or smart devices.


At a glance

When planning support for clients, In-Form will keep you on track every step of the way with:


  • Email alerts
  • Approval processes
  • Dashboards
  • Reports


You can set up automated alerts at critical points to alert staff of client developments.


In-Form keeps all the service information you need in one place including:


  • Location maps
  • Properties
  • Tenancies
  • Rents and rent schedules
  • Charges
  • Health and safety checks
  • Maintenance jobs and repairs


Connecting your clients with the services they need is simple. The solution can also be used for managing safeguarding, incidents, accidents, compliments and complaints.


Reporting made easy

Create and share reports instantly
At the click of a button, you can customise the visualisation of each report based on your organisation’s needs. Reports are created in real-time, so you can monitor results and respond immediately.

In-Form Reporting


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