Voter registration on In-Form

Blog: February 16, 2024

Ahead of the general election later this year, get your In-Form system ready to help your clients vote.


Everyone’s vote is important, and we want a home for everyone, so we’ve made it easy for you to support your clients register to vote.



With the voter registration feature on In-Form, you can keep track of those who have registered to vote. There is space to log the address they’re registered at too, so you know their polling card will be sent to the correct location.

You will then be able to see which clients are registered from their contact record under the related list.

By keeping track of those who have registered, you can run a report to show who hasn’t, and therefore who you need to give further support to.  


Take a look at this helpful piece on how to obtain photo identification for your clients so they have a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’.


If you’d like to keep track of voter registration in your organisation, please raise a case from your In-Form system and our team will be happy to sort this for you.


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