New outcomes tools available on In-Form!

News: July 12, 2022

These new outcome monitoring tools; Home StarTM, Older Persons StarTM and the Family Star (Early Years)TM; can now be made available for use on your In-Form system.

You will need to contact Triangle to find out about requirements for licencing and training for your organisation before we can make any of the Stars available on In-Form for you.


Details can be found here:
Home StarTM - a new Outcomes StarTM for housing and other needs
Register for your free Home StarTM licence(s) today
Family Star (Early Years) TM
Older Persons StarTM


Once you have contacted Triangle, please raise a case with our support desk for the Star to be set up for you or if you have any other questions.


If you would like it to be added to your system, the technical team may need to give you a quote. Please be aware that there is likely to be a minimum of six weeks lead time for us to get confirmation from Triangle and to set up the Star for you.


Please visit Triangle's Outcomes StarTM website for information on other Stars that may be relevant to your work. Many of these are already available on In-Form.


The existing versions of the Stars will stay available on In-Form, and you can continue to use these.



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