In-Form Safeguarding is here!

Blog: March 1, 2024

Log and track safeguarding concerns easily and confidentially with In-Form Safeguarding, thanks to our new functionality.

The In-Form team has been working hard to create In-Form Safeguarding, plus some new additional features. 

You can now log safeguarding concerns against client records, and track who is involved. Then easily update who's responsible for which follow up actions, send the report to a manager for their review, and submit it to the safeguarding lead.

Managers and safeguarding leads can quickly view the safeguarding actions that are required, see if they’ve been completed and who they are currently with.

And they can set up safeguarding alerts to notify certain team members and management when a new concern is created.

In-Form Safeguarding allows you to do all of this, meaning you never lose track of safeguarding issues or where the process is currently at. And because it’s all within your In-Form system, you can of course produce reports on safeguarding issues – for example, check certain areas, properties, or services that have the most issues raised.

In-Form Safeguarding also brings you and your teams closer to your clients as you can list risks, vulnerabilities, and protected factors relating to those you’re working with on their contact record, giving you and others a holistic view of the client.

Plus, it’s easy to use for all colleagues – even if they don’t submit safeguarding reports on a regular basis. The system walks you through what is needed at each step and creates the records for you. This makes the process easy to follow and provides consistency across all your projects and services. 

Access for all
With In-Form Safeguarding, you’ll have a single, uniform process for recording safeguarding issues across your entire organisation. 

Plus, with In-Form Safeguarding (specific) licences, you can have some staff access In-Form just to submit safeguarding reports. 

These licences are just £50 per annum and can be ordered via the same processes as your usual licence requests. 



In-Form Safeguarding has strict client data sharing rules and processes, to ensure that only staff with permissions to see confidential client information and safeguarding reports can see that data.

Relationships and social contacts
We also have the new ‘Relationships and Social Contacts’ feature. This replaces the old ‘Friends and Family Members’, giving you more options and better data quality for tracking your clients' relationships with each other and with people who aren’t accessing your services. 

It also allows you to keep track of people who are involved in multiple different safeguarding reports, regardless of whether or not they’re accessing your services (but this should be done in line with your organisation’s Data Protection policies). 

See In-Form Safeguarding in action
Watch a full demo:


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