Conducting a system review

Blog: February 20, 2024

In-Form is a system that can grow and change with your organisation. What was right for you when you first implemented the system, may not be right now. But you may not identify this without a system review.


We recommend annually conducting an internal review of In-Form to make sure it’s working for you in the best way possible, that you have all the features available to you, and are using its full potential.

We’ve put together these handy steps to get the review process started in your organisation.


1 Take stock of where you are

How well is In-Form working for you right now? Think about your current projects and ways of working, are they the same as when you first started using In-Form, or could changes be made to better match your organisation now.


2 Gather stakeholder input

Speak to team leaders and managers from across all your departments to gather diverse perspectives on how well In-Form is working. Discuss pain points, areas of improvement, and features that are working well.


3 Evaluate system performance

Could any processes be streamlined?​ Is there more functionality you could have – perhaps something you’ve seen in a webinar, at a user group, or you could better refine a manual process.


4 Review user experience​

Identify any pain points or areas of confusion that users are having – is this widespread? Gather feedback from end-users on usability and functionality – is the system as user-friendly as possible? Check out our webinar for some quick wins.


5 Check reporting and analytics

Are you able to report on everything you need to? ​Or is there more that could be done to help your teams and to better evidence your work, such as enhanced customised reports and / or dashboards​.


6 Assess any training needs

Identify any gaps in training or system knowledge​, would the team benefit from any refresher training?​


7 Develop an action plan

Summarise your findings and prioritise the areas for improvement.​ Develop an action plan with clear tasks, timelines, and responsible parties. Be sure to allocate resources and budget accordingly.​


8 Work with In-Form to implement changes

Together we can execute the action plan, addressing identified issues and implementing improvements.​ Plan on how you will communicate changes to stakeholders and provide necessary training or support.​


So, what’s next?

Once you’ve been through these steps, contact support from the ‘Contact In-Form support’ tab within your system and we’ll get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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