Generating documents is easy with In-Form

Blog: August 11, 2023

In-Form has a built-in document generator that allows you to easily create important documents from within In-Form that can be sent to clients, partners, or other services.   

There are many document generation (DocGen) third party apps available, but In-Form has a cost-effective option ready for you to use. 


In-Form DocGen allows you to download PDFs onto your device, save the documents against records in In-Form, or both! You can specify during the build process where you’d like the PDFs to go. They can be saved against any parent record, it’s up to you, whatever works for your services.  


There are five standard templates – risk assessments, client information, rent statement*, payment receipt*, warning letter*. 


But you can ask us to configure whatever you need. We can add any fields or information** to a document to be produced. Some organisations have as many as 15 different types of documents. Just let us know as part of the build process or raise a case and we can create yours.  


Looking ahead 

We are looking to do a number of updates to our In-Form DocGen. 


Automation will be able to use doc gen. This would allow you to automatically generate a document and send it the correct person. For example, monthly rent statements to tenants.  


Bulk generation of documents. At the moment, you can only create one PDF at a time. But soon you could be able to select all in the list that you’d like to produce documents for and then it will do them in one action, rather than individually selecting and creating. For example, you could go down a list and select all the tenants you’d like to generate tenancy docs for.  


We also had a suggestion from one of the members of our Customer Advisory Board that we would like to put into action – a service user grab pack. This would be a number of documents such as next of kin, allergy information, and emergency contact details, that could quickly be generated in a couple of clicks about a service user or tenant. This would be particularly useful in emergency situations and handovers to other services.   


How to get doc gen  

To switch on In-Form DocGen in your In-Form system, just open a case with In-Form Support. There are no costs to switch on any (or all) of the five standard DocGen templates. If you’re interested in a custom template, just let us know the details and we’ll give you a quote for the configuration time. 


See docgen in action 

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*as part of the rent module only.  

** minus the Outcomes STARTM graphics.  

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