The five steps to setting up your In-Form system (and we’re with you every step of the way)

Blog: April 30, 2021

When you decide to invest in In-Form, we make it our business to see you through every step, from your initial enquiries to a comprehensive customer support service, with an annual review of your needs.

In-Form is hugely flexible, and that’s what makes it a really powerful tool. It means that right from the start, we make sure that what you get from In-Form is tailor-made to your requirements.


This also means that we need your input from the very beginning of the implementation process, and all the way through. There are five steps to this process, and we work closely with you at every one of them.


First: getting to know one another

Once you make the initial contact by, we’ll be there listening to you. Of course there is absolutely no obligation to buy, but right from the outset you can tell us what you need, and arrange a demo are team is here to help.


At this stage, we’ll ask you for all the information you can give us to help us meet your needs, and work with you to determine what you need from your In-Form system. Typically you’ll send us documents such as how you record your work with your clients – their histories, goals, and particular requirements - reports, records, and anything that will help us to get detailed picture of your organisation, so that we can make sure that the In-Form you buy is built around your needs, to the last detail.


Second: the discovery process

We’ll want to sit down with you and work out a project plan. This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of your organisation: your structures, your projects, your processes, your ambitions and your vision. And, crucially, how In-Form can help you to achieve your goals on a day-to-day basis.


You’ll want to choose somebody to lead the implementation of the system, and on our side we’ll match you with a consultant who will take responsibility for setting up the system the way that you need it.

At this stage you’ll have discussed In-Form with your team members. If you really want to get the most out of In-Form it’s important that your staff understand the changes you’ll be making to your systems, as well as the benefits to them and to the people they help. We’ll be here to answer their questions, and yours, so that together we can come up with the best possible project plan for your organisation.


Third: the build

Next comes the building stage. This bit is on us. Once we’ve jointly signed off on a project plan, we’ll go away and make sure that all your requirements are built into your customised version of In-Form. We’ll make sure that all the add-ons and extras you need are properly integrated into your system. We will have regular calls, screenshares and meetings during the build to make sure you’re happy with how things are progressing.


Once that step is complete, we’re ready to sign off on your new In-Form system!


Fourth: testing and training

Testing and training. By now your In-Form system will incorporate all of your specific requirements, to help you provide the best service you can. But since In-Form’s flexibility means that we can adjust it to suit even the most unique management structure and style of work, there may be small adjustments still to be made so that your system fits your team.


Once the system has been fine-tuned with you in mind, your first projects can go live, with any remaining projects to follow soon after.


Fifth: go live

Now you are ready to go. You and your team should be set up to get the most for your clients from your customised In-Form system. But you’ll still have support from our help desk and a three-month review. This is your opportunity to discuss what’s working best for you and also to let us know if there are areas where we need to tweak the system to give you even better service.


We're in this together

We know how important the quality of your system is to your organisation so we will also set in place an annual review process. Because when you choose In-Form, we commit ourselves to providing the best service we possibly can – and we’re in it, like you, for the long term.


If you’d like to talk through any stage of the process please get in touch with us today.


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