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When we implement In-Form, do I need to be tech-savvy to be the project lead for my organisation?

No, but it’s best if the person(s) has operational and reporting experience to answer questions about what is important to frontline workers, team managers and senior management.

How long is the implementation period?

It depends how much additional customisation to the In-Form solution is necessary to meet your requirements.  


When the project is fully scoped (& costed), an average implementation takes 3 – 5 months but we have completed implementations in much shorter timeframes.

How do we move our existing data from our legacy system to In-Form?

We provide excel templates which can be populated with data, e.g. client records, case notes etc. We use the templates to import the data into In-Form.

Do you provide a test site?

We can create test sites called sandboxes, which can be used to test developments and train users.

How do you provide progress reports on the implementation?

We provide a project plan (including a communication plan), on-site visits and conference calls. Screen shares are built into the plan based on customer preference.

What resources should we provide during the implementation?
  • A lead contact, who will liaise with the In-Form team member assigned to the implementation.
  • A core group, who will answer questions and make decisions during the implementation phase.
  • Facilities including laptops for training.
How much time should the key contact allocate to the implementation?

On average, around 4 hours per week.

What are the key ingredients to a successful implementation?
  • Clear and consistent lines of communication
  • Timely and decisive responses to questions raised by both parties
  • The customer and Homeless Link working together as a team.
How do we ‘go live’ with the new system?

You can pilot In-Form with one or multiple services. You can roll it out to one service at a time, or you can ‘go live’ across all services. We discuss the implications with you during the planning phase.

How do we train the staff?

The In-Form team can provide as many training days as required. Training can range from ‘train the trainer’ to service by service or training a group of ‘champions’. There are flexible training options with sessions available in person, online, or a mix. 

What is the difference between Enterprise and Essential?

The Essential package is usually recommended for organisations with under 15 employees who require little customisation. The Enterprise package is scaled and tailored for your organisation. We recommend this package for organisations with a wide range of services, or if you have 15+ employees. It includes all the functionality that Essential offers plus rent and property management (at an additional cost). Enterprise is also fully customisable and offers integration with other apps.

Is In-Form cloud-based?

In-Form is a web based application, which means it runs completely online - or in the Cloud - and is accessible with just an internet connection on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 


Cloud-based systems allow people to access applications through the internet without having to worry about additional software installations, network considerations and server capacity. Cloud computing increases efficiency and allows you to increase or decrease your computing capacity as your needs change. 

Why is In-Form built on

We have developed In-Form on the platform. is one of the leading customer relations management systems used by thousands of companies all over the world. 30,000 of these are not for profit organisations and higher education organisations supported by (the Salesforce Foundation).


We are able to pass on the benefits of licence discounts and support from the Salesforce .org to In-Form customers. takes care of disaster recovery and software updates, and issues new releases three times a year.

Is our data secure on In-Form and Salesforce?

Absolutely. meets the highest international standards for data security. (See the Salesforce Trust website for more information.)


Security features include:

  • Unique username and password authentication with customised password rules.
  • IP restrictions, and SMS and email identity confirmation if the user logs in from an unknown IP address.
  • User profiles can control staff access to confidential information. Access to client data can be restricted if the client withdraws consent.
  • Secure socket layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS).
  • Application logs record the creator, last updater, timestamps, and originating IP address for every record and transaction completed.
  • All customer data is stored in secure data centres and is replicated over secure links to a disaster recovery data centre. Data is stored in a UK data centre.
Will you help us get up and running with In-Form?

Once you have purchased your In-Form system, we will set up your In-Form solution and work closely with you and your colleagues to configure the system to meet your recording and reporting needs.


The implementation process and timetable is flexible, allowing you time to review progress and consult with colleagues. Once the system has been built we provide training for your staff and continue to make further changes as you need them.


We understand life in the voluntary sector and how quickly your information needs can change. In-Form and Homeless Link are equipped to support you to respond quickly to these needs as they evolve. With all our In-Form systems you receive support long after your build.

Can In-Form be adapted to meet our needs?

Yes, In-Form Enterprise can be completely customised for you. With such a wide range of organisations using the system - some with more than 1,000 users, others with just 10 - we've worked hard to make sure we can tailor the system precisely to your recording and reporting needs.


We can customise your In-Form by adapting existing modules - or if you need a specific piece of functionality not already available, we can create new modules and screens to suit you. You can have some customisation with In-Form Essential and you can upgrade to In-Form Enterprise when it's the right time for you. You can't customise In-Form Community.

Will you provide support once our In-Form system is up and running?

Of course. Our trained and experienced team is here to help you with day to day support. Our office hours help desk has quick response times, ensuring you get the technical help you need no matter how simple or complex your issue.


To help you build your In-Form skills, we provide training on data recording, system administration and reporting - either at our London offices, online or at your service if that is more convenient.

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