It is great to equip our front-line teams with a system that will make their jobs more productive, keep information safe in one place and allow customers to view their progress at the touch of a button” Helena Doyle, Stonewater Customer Experience Director

Digital case management system In-Form is up and running at Stonewater, thanks to a multi-disciplinary team from the social housing provider collaborating closely with the team at Homeless Link.

Stonewater worked with Homeless Link to co-produce an adapted version of the platform to meet the specific needs of Stonewater’s Supported Living customers.  With In-Form, colleagues will be able to improve productivity through building stronger, more informed relationships with customers. This will deliver improved outcomes for customers from colleagues using the bespoke tool.


“After re-imaging our services, we have been able to move away from arduous and inconsistent paper-based processes and lead the way for others to follow.  This ambitious digital transformation project is something I have been very excited to deliver,” Alina Kaur, Stonewater Quality & Innovation Manager, explained.

“It’s been a huge challenge but we’ve managed to design and build the system in less than six months. The new online portal will bring case management to the cloud, in line with Stonewater’s digital agenda.


“With the efficiencies of it being online, one of the benefits will be customers having more time with coaches,” she said. 

Other advantages include:

· Managers are able to complete quality assurance checks remotely and everyone will have a dashboard to help meet their KPIs and produce management reports, using live data. 

· The ability to deliver a better quality of service. If, for example, data showed a decrease in customer satisfaction then the team could explore opportunities to improve this. It’s about delivering customer excellence using customer feedback data.


“It’s a big change for the Supported Living team and I’m really pleased with the response and engagement we have had from everyone. I am a firm believer in co-production and we had some great input from a range of colleagues when mapping out requirements to accommodate the needs of a service that is both complex and diverse.


Agata Michalik, Stonewater IT Project Co-ordinator said “Because we had such strong engagement from colleagues with the design and build, the system is now very slick for each area. Support workers simply set-up a new profile for each customer, complete assessments and upload any pre-existing support paperwork, which is then held securely.


In-Form Assistant Director of Technology, Nick Leary said: “It’s been a pleasure implementing the In-Form system with Stonewater. I found the Stonewater implementation team to be extremely organised and driven, which ensured the project was delivered to a quick deadline. The right people were involved from the offset, including IT, Services and Outcomes leads. This made our job much easier and led to a successful pilot and a firm base to expand In-Form to further services. I delivered a number of training sessions and found the Stonewater staff unfailing, professional and enthusiastic and they always asked pertinent questions.


“As a result I’m confident the system will be adopted and I’m excited to see how Stonewater can maximise the benefit of In-Form..”


Stonewater Customer Experience Director, Helena Doyle added: “It is great to equip our front-line teams with a system that will make their jobs more productive, keep information safe in one place and allow customers to view their progress at the touch of a button. In-Form is really important for us too in capturing the life changing outcomes our coaches in Supported Living deliver with customers and it will put us in a strong position to be able to report on it.”