Trident Reach


Trident Reach is a people-first organisation working with clients and communities to maximise positivity, independence and participation. The organisation is a registered care and support charity and offers services to over 5,000 people in the Midlands.  


"Working with the team at Homeless Link, they put themselves in our shoes and helped us to get the most out of In-Form. Duplications are reduced and almost eradicated. Reports are easy to create, and being able to access them on the go is a huge help. I now have the ability to manage my team better and identify training if needed. I am very pleased with In-Form, and without it, we would not have been able to survive and help our community through COVID-19."

Gary Clarke, Service Lead, Trident Reach 

The problem

Trident Reach has a large customer base so data input and processing customer information was a big challenge. All of the processes being used were manual with paperwork and hard copies. Storing all of this data was a huge problem, and took up a lot of space leaving a long paper trail. Locating client data, support plans, and evidence was an issue and having a full 360 view of clients at any given time proved difficult. Every piece of evidence was written and then typed up to be printed and placed in the client file – meaning staff were duplicating work. Out in the field, if you had forgotten a piece of paperwork, it meant you had to put off what you intended to do until the next meeting. 


As time went on, the organisation recognised the risks around data protection as information was stored at multiple sites. Simple tasks like scanning a photograph whilst out of the office were difficult if not impossible at times so evidence would be taken to the nearest office for scanning, taking up a lot of staff time. 


Trident Reach needed a trusted and secure client relationship management (CRM) system so they could move all the hard copies of their customer data onto a centralised digital solution accessible to all employees on the go at any given time. 


'We didn't always have the best data to give the best support to our clients. Now we have devices for our staff, so when they are out in the community, they have access to all the customer information at their fingertips. We can take photographs or scan documents that go directly into the system... it saves staff time, and staff aren't now duplicating their work. The amount of customers we see and the amount of time we spend with customers has increased. The quality of work has increased because it is in a set format that means staff now have to follow the process and give us the elements that we need' Gary Clarke, Service Lead, Trident Reach.

The solution

Trident Reach heard of In-Form from the YMCA and were keen to look at purchase the system. They knew how good it was and couldn't wait to implement it. 


Trident Reach wanted a CRM system they could be customised to fit their organisation's needs. They wanted to create dashboards and reports for local authorities and funders to show qualitative data and demonstrate how they were improving their clients’ lives. Reports could be customised to showcase precisely what local authorities wanted to see, saving Trident Reach time pulling information from lots of different teams. Previously they had to produce reports from manual data, which allowed room for human error. 'We now have a dashboard that has all the KPIs for every quarter. We click a button, and all the dashboards run. It's a time-saver, In-Form has transformed the way we work' Gary ClarkeService Lead, Trident Reach.


Trident Reach needed information to be readily available for staff, they needed a better way to report data for funders and commissioners, and they wanted to be able to manage staff time and resources better. Whilst researching, they found that many different CRMs were not capable of delivering the customisation they needed. Discussing their requirements with In-Form team was the first step for Trident Reach, and they soon realised it was the right CRM for them.


 'When it comes to funding and reporting on outcomes, we would collect outcomes manually…from our support plans, so we could measure the outcomes. You'd have to look through the whole paper file to find the evidence outcomes. We'd do regular audits of our files, and every year the organisations that funded us would audit our files. It would take three days. Now we can give them the information they want at any time because it's live. We can give information at any point throughout the quarter. We can customise reports and dashboards to meet the needs of managers and commissionaires . We can give them specific information instantly. Not only can we send it to them but we can show them live. The way it's broken down, for instance, using different outcome stars, you can focus on the different elements of support you are giving to an individual. We've been able to put a system in place to know what a customer will need and put in actions to achieve the goals identified.' Gary ClarkeService Lead, Trident Reach.


In-Form transformed Trident Reach. It gave them a digital process that improved both client and staff relationships across the board, saving staff time and resources whilst enhancing communication across the organisation at all levels.


'The development of the system exceeded expectations, communication with In-Form was great, and changes were made to our system fast'. Gary ClarkeService Lead, Trident Reach. 


Staff found In-Form easy to use on desktop and mobile devices. Overall, they were able to improve the level of support they provided with their clients because of In-Form.


The training was put together very quickly and broken down into manageable steps, making it easy to understand for staff who were not proficient in IT. Staff grasped the system quickly and found it simple and easy to use. Creating reports and dashboards was easy, and having the flexibility to develop dashboards to reflect different needs helped to reduce staff time spent on compiling multiple reports. 'Because of COVID-19 we held a training session with In-Form via Zoom. We recorded the session, and now we have this on our In-Form homepage for all new starters' Gary ClarkeService Lead, Trident Reach.


Processes were streamlined, and the quality of work has improved. Having an alert system in place prevented duplications of case files and having the ability to add to case files was a vast improvement. Trident Reach identified the levels of users they had and streamlined the system for each user. 


'We've got confidence in the data that we are providing because we can double-check very easily and we can run reports so if there's missing information we can contact staff and ask them to put it on the system'


Next Steps  


Trident Reach will train 26 training champions to be their In-Form ‘gurus’, helping colleagues to get the best out of the system. 


Trident Reach is also in talks with other organisations across Birmingham to build a partnership to use In-Form to share customer information and cross collaborate to support the wider community with additional services. 


"...we can provide information quickly, that's accurate and live, and we've now started talking to our partners to see how we can work together and find out how In-Form can help them. We've got the evidence to show them now. Anyone we know that's looking for a new system we're offering ourselves up to say look at what we've got and how we use it, surely it's something you could use? The system speaks for itself. We're over-delivering on what's expected, and we're able to do that because of the reports and the amount of information we can get from the system itself'. 

Gary Clarke, Service Lead, Trident Reach.